Rogers has always specialized in mechanical work that requires the most exacting standards, such as hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, data centers, as well as a host of high profile office and institutional facilities. We do renovation, retrofit and new construction. Whether the project is a fast-track plant shut down renovation or a long term, new construction project, Rogers has the management and coordination capabilities that come with experience.

Our facilities include offices, warehouse and staging facilities, fully equipped sheet metal fabrication facility and pipe fabrication facilities. We can design, layout, pre-fabricate and install almost any mechanical system.

Staging/Warehouse Facilities

Rogers has always maintained its own warehouse for commonly used materials, as well as the most up to date tooling for field installation work. We never want to see our people unprepared! We also maintain this facility to stage equipment and material deliveries, avoiding costly and time consuming job site errors, which occur when items are not shipped as requested. We also maintain our own rigging equipment as well as up to date safety material.

Pipe Fabrication

We have a 5,000 square foot facility used for staging and pre-fabrication of pipe systems. This includes flanged, welded, victaulic, threaded and sweat applications. We have the capability of storing complete systems, ready to install, to ensure that systems are installed in the fastest possible manner.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We have a 10,000 square foot facility utilizing computer aided manufacture of air duct and specialty fabrications. We can fabricate carbon steel from light gage metal to 10 gage. We have a plasma cutting table, as well as heavy gage shears, brakes and “TDF” flange machines. Most of our duct utilizes a “CDS” flange connection, with the flange turned directly onto the duct for low leakage, high-pressure applications. We can also work with heavy gage black iron, stainless steel, aluminum, PVC, flanged round duct and fiberglass.