In 1923, Joseph B. Rogers, Jr. opened his business with an engineering degree from Drexel University and a lifetime of technical experience. The customers ranged from homeowners to industrial clients who recognized Joseph’s abilities and his integrity. The company continued to grow in size and reputation up until his untimely death in 1953. Joe’s sons, George, David and Joseph, III, along with their mother, Gladys, continued the business as Joe had founded it. After 30 years of predominantly residential work, however, a major change was proposed.

The brothers proposed a shift to the commercial/institutional market, and the company changed forever. The 1950’s and 1960’s were a time of major public infrastructure construction, and Rogers was poised to be a major player in new school construction. From the early 1960’s through the late 1980’s, Rogers completed, on average, one school construction project every 3 months! This impressive record also includes a more incredible achievement. Rogers completed this work without having a single dissatisfied customer.

The key to this accomplishment has been our central theme throughout the history of the company – make sure the work is done right, and never walk away until the customer is happy. This theme continues to this day, instilled in the third generation of Rogers’ management, with Joseph B. Rogers, IV and Perry Rogers involved in the transition that occurred in a gradual process from the late 1980’s until Joseph Rogers, III retired in 1999. In that time Rogers has built its niche in commercial, industrial and institutional markets where exacting standards of construction are required and quick completion is a must. Our clients include some of the major names in the pharmaceutical industry as well as major manufacturing and educational institutions.

Rogers Mechanical stands ready to continue into the 21st century with the same level of commitment to quality that made Joseph Rogers Jr. a success over 75 years ago. By God’s grace we look forward to the day when our children’s children will be meeting the challenges of a future market.

We look forward to meeting the mechanical construction needs of your organization. Please review the information included with this brochure, and feel free to call us regarding any specific requirements you may have.