Each member of the leadership team has their involvement in the projects we complete.  The balance of experience and motivation toward excellence has provided an atmosphere of achievement shared by every member of our organization.

Joseph B Rogers, IV, President:
Joe Rogers started in 1975 as an apprentice plumber and pipe-fitter and worked his way up the ranks to foreman, project manager and now President and Chief of Field Operations for the company.  With his background in the field, Joe brings a "hands-on" approach to the company management.  All projects come under his detail-oriented scrutiny and his talent as a problem solver ensures that the client gets the project they asked for.

William Perry Rogers, Vice-President:
Perry has been involved with construction for 30 years as a plumber, pipe-fitter and project manager.  He heads up our service force which focuses on system performance and maintenance.  He has special expertise in refrigeration and control systems which make him a valuable asset to our clients.